Resqme- Defend Me- Personal Safety Alarm

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Resqme- Defend Me is a compact personal alarm that packs a powerful punch. Its 120 dB siren can be heard up to 300 feet (100 meters) away, helping to deter potential threats. The small size allows for discreet attachment to backpacks, purses, or belt-loops, making it easy to reach for in times of danger. With Resqme- Defend Me, your safety is always a priority. Stay protected with the attention-grabbing siren of this personal alarm designed for self defense.

How loud is the alarm?

The alarm of the defendme® is about 120 decibels and can be heard up to 300 feet(100 meters).

How long does it last?

The alarm will continuously sound for approximately 30 minutes

How do I turn it on?

Grab the lanyard and firmly pull out the pin.

How do I turn it off?

Put the pin back in the slot and the alarm will stop ringing. There is no timer built in. The alarm will sound until the pin is replaced or the batteries die. It is recommended to check the batteries at least every 6 months.

How do I change the batteries?

To access the 4 batteries (LR41), the top and bottom plastic case covers have to be removed. Insert the tip of a flat screwdriver in the slot opening on the edge of the device and gently twist until the case opens.