'Paua Swirl' Presentation Award

'Paua Swirl' Presentation Award

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The 'Paua Swirl' is a quality designed acrylic presentation award that can be used for any formal or informal occasion (eg. recognition of service, an award or gift, etc) The piece comes in two sizes (see dimentions below) and is constructed in high quality acrylic and inlaid with New Zealand Paua.

The front face of the piece can be laser engraved with your customised inscription. For Police presentations this can include the NZP crest along with the personal details of the recipient.

Please note that this price is ONLY for the presentation piece and does NOT include engraving. (Please see 'NZP Laser Engraving' product under accessories for an engraving price or click HERE)

6000Large250mm incl base125mm

10mm frnt 6mm back



200mm incl base100mm10mm frnt 6 mm backsupplied$143.00


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